Why is the browser type needed in an http request message?

Lauren Mertz asked a question: Why is the browser type needed in an http request message?
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The browser type is needed in an HTTP request message because the server may have to send a different types of the same object to different browsers (Kurose, 130 [INT'L Ed.]).


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💻 How do i intercept http request in browser?

  1. get access to request headers and bodies, and response headers.
  2. cancel and redirect requests.
  3. modify request and response headers.

💻 A client web browser generates an http response?

HTTP Basics

The client (usually a browser) opens a connection to the server and sends a request. The server processes the request, generates a response, and closes the connection if it finds a Connection: Close header.

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💻 How are http requests generated in the browser?

  • HTTP requests are generated by a user's browser as the user interacts with web properties. For example, if a user clicks on a hyperlink, the browser will send a series of "HTTP GET" requests for the content that appears on that page. If someone Googles "What is HTTP?"

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So that the server can send different versions of the same object to different types of user agents.

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