When was bottle bash invented?

Erling Rowe asked a question: When was bottle bash invented?
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Nothing sounds better than the disc hitting a solid bottle or metal pole during an exciting game of Bottle Bash. Founded in 2007 and invented well before that, Poleish Sports is located in the heart of the lakes region of New Hampshire. Want to know the other street names for Poleish Sports' Bottle Bash?


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💻 Who invented bottle bash?

The excitement left players and store owners wanting more, something new and fun. In turn, Bottle Bash was created by Poleish Sports to start a new craze in the outdoor and indoor tossing game market.

💻 What do you need to play bottle bash?

  • Bottle Bash combines the games of disc golf and horseshoes with a few new twists. The objective of the game is to knock your opponent’s bottle off the pole by throwing the disc. The set includes 2 aluminum poles, 2 bottles, 2 ground stakes, 1 disc, and a mesh storage bag. 4.3 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for Poleish Sports Bottle Bash Game

💻 What is the game bottle bash frisbee game?

  • Bottle Bash is a simple and fun frisbee game where you toss a frisbee to knock a plastic bottle off a pole. It's simple to learn how to play and fun and challenging as you get better at the game.

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