When is bash profile run?

Geraldine Will asked a question: When is bash profile run?
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  • The Bash profileis a file on your computer that Bash runs every time a new Bash session is created. This is useful because we need to run certain code every time before starting to work. OS X doesn’t include a Bash profile by default, but if you already have one, it lives in your home directory with the name .bash_profile.


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💻 When does bash read the.bash profile file?

  • The file ~/.bash_profile is read by bash when it is a login shell. That's what you get when you log in in text mode. When you log in under X, the startup scripts are executed by /bin/sh.

💻 When to run bash in / etc / profile?

  • The following is an excerpt of the INVOCATION section of man bash (emphasis mine): When bash is invoked as an interactive login shell, or as a non-interactive shell with the --login option, it first reads and executes commands from the file /etc/profile, if that file exists.

💻 Where is bash profile?

  • The .bash_profile is used for customizing the user configuration settings. This file is located in the home directory and is mostly hidden. The .bash_profile files are considered as configuration scripts.

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What's the difference between bash profile and bash login?

  • The ~/.bash_profile file is a configuration file for configuring user environments. The users can modify the default settings and add any extra configurations in it. The ~/.bash_login file contains specific settings that are executed when a user logs in to the system. The file is...

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How to find windows bash profile?

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  • In most cases ~/.bash_profile will be present inside users' home directory. So if you wish to also execute content of ~/.profile along with ~/.bash_profile you can either make ~/.bash_profile source .profile, or if ~/.bash_profile contents are not useful, can make it a symbolic link to .profile

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What is bash profile in windows?

bash_profile is a special file, which means there is usual a convention. bash_profile is stored directly in the users home directory. bash_profile is something linux specific, so not much use creating a bash_profile if are on windows and have no linux subsystem.

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What is the profile for bash?

The Bash profile is a file on your computer that Bash runs every time a new Bash session is created. This is useful because we need to run certain code every time before starting to work. OS X doesn't include a Bash profile by default, but if you already have one, it lives in your home directory with the name .

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Where is macos bash profile stored?

There is a hidden file in your Mac's user directory named . bash_profile. This file is loaded before Terminal loads your shell environment and contains all the startup configuration and preferences for your command line interface.

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Where is my bash profile windows?

Bash subsystem

With the bash on windows the files are located at in the same location if you are running within the bash environment, ie /home/user_name/. bashrc .

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Where is the bash profile file?

  • The.bash_profile file is another bash shell script file which we can see as a config file. It is stored at ~/.bash_profile. However, unlike the.bashrc file, it gets executed every time a user logs into a system. In simple words, it is invoked when you enter your username and password to log in on your Linux system.

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Which does the bash profile use?

bash_profile will be used when you log in via ssh or in a virtual console (ctrl+alt+f1-f6). When you log in graphically, there's no bash involved, so no . bash_profile is read, however, the graphical login process will run sh and have sh source . profile specifically, before execing the session (e.g. gnome-session).

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How do i run a bash profile?

To apply it to an existing session, run source ~/. bash_profile . You can run any Bash script this way - think of executing source as the same as typing commands in the Terminal window (from the specified script).

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How to open bash profile in mac?


Creating a . bash_profile on your mac

  1. Start up Terminal.
  2. Type "cd ~/" to go to your home folder.
  3. Type "touch . bash_profile" to create your new file.
  4. Edit . bash_profile with your favorite editor (or you can just type "open -e . bash_profile" to open it in TextEdit).
  5. Type "source . bash_profile" to reload .

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What does source your bash profile mean?

  • When you open a terminal, the terminal starts bash in (non-login) interactive mode, which means it will source ~/.bashrc. ~/.bash_profile is only sourced by bash when started in interactive login mode. That is typically only when you login at the console (Ctrl + Alt + F1.. F6), or connecting via ssh.

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How do i back up my bash profile?

  • When you invoke bash with a login, it will search for and load ~/bash_profile and all of the code contained within. Before you go about making any changes and customizations to your bash_profile, I recommend backing up your profile by copying and saving the file as bash_profile.bak.

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How do i change my profile in bash?

In the profiles tab you'll see many themes to choose from. You can also create your own with the + icon! To set a theme, click the default bottom at the bottom on the left-hand side. After you've set your new theme as the default, you can see the changes you've made by opening a new window.

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How to add bash command to powershell profile?

  • As long as you install the azure-cli tools inside WSL, and it registers a bash completion spec (looks like it does), you can just add Import-WslCommand “az” to your PowerShell profile and it will allow you to call az from PowerShell with argument completion. Just tried it myself and it works great as long as you’re ok with az running within WSL.

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How to add mysql path to bash profile?

  • You can add: export PATH="/usr/local/mysql/bin:$PATH" into your .bash_profile file and you need to RESTART the terminal or open new tab to check the added path. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! Please be sure to answer the question.

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How to change user's bash profile in linux?

  • A.. You need to add user profile to ~/.bash_profile. It is the personal initialization file, executed for login shells. There is also ~/.bashrc file which is the individual per-interactive-shell startup file.

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How to create a bash profile in terminal?

  • Open the command by a shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+T or from the side icon of the terminal. The command is now opened. First of all, you need to create a .bash_profile file using a touch command in the terminal shown below:

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How to create a bash profile on mac?

  • To create the bash_profile, proceed with the following steps: 1 Open the terminal. 2 Move the home directory using the following command: cd ~/ 3 Use the touch command to create the bash_profile as follows: touch .bash_profile

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How to create and edit a bash profile?

  • A Simple Guide to Create, Open, and Edit bash_profile 1 Create the .bash_profile File. Open the command by a shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+T or from the side icon of the terminal… 2 List the .bash_profile File… 3 Open the .bash_profile File… 4 Edit the .bash_profile File… 5 Display the .bash_profile Changes… 6 Conclusion…

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How to echo for bash profile in linux?

  • Write the echo statement with the ‘FROM BASH_PROFILE’ in single inverted commas. Save this file using the Ctrl+S key followed by tapping Y. After that, close this file by pressing Ctrl+X, and you will be navigated to the terminal again. Display the.bash_profile Changes

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How to edit bash profile mac os x?

  • Alternatively, you can use the following simple one line to open and edit the bash_profile: To delete bash_profile, go to the finder app in macOS. Go the users home directory. Check if the bash_profile is visible there or not. If not, press Command + Shift + . and bash_profile will be visible.

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How to load bash profile from within zsh?

  • Every time you open the terminal, it will load whatever is defined in ~/.bash_profile (if the file exist). With that, you can keep your custom settings for zsh (colors, and etc). And you get to keep your custom shell settings in .bash_profile file. This is much cleaner than using bash -l IMO.

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How to set the path in bash profile?

  • Setting the PATH in bashrc looks identical to how we set it in bash_profile. For example, to include the directory /home/tomahawk/.rbenv/bin in my path, I edit or create the file /home/tomahawk/.bashrc, adding the following line:

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