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💻 Boom demographics are destiny youtube?

A word about this second point before pivoting to the fascinating demographics driving our destiny.

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YouTube Geography Demographics. As of February 2021, 16.6% of YouTube site visits come from the United States, 9.4% comes from India, and 4.9% comes from Japan. YouTube has launched local versions of the platform in more than 100 countries. (YouTube for Press)

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💻 How to see youtube channel demographics?

Feb 14, 2005 · YouTube usage statistics. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and second most visited site after Google..YouTube is the 2nd most popular social media platform with 1.9bn users.. 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.. We watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos a day, more than Netflix and Facebook video combined.. 70% of YouTube views come from mobile ...

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Fascinating YouTube Demographics Facts (Editor’s Choice) YouTube boasts over two billion monthly active users globally. 77% of the US internet users between 15 and 25 use YouTube. Over 70% of adults in the US are estimated to use YouTube. In 2020, 45% of the total number of YouTube users were female.

2. YouTube Demographics: Geography . India has the highest number of active YouTube users. At least 225 million people in India regularly access YouTube ‒ that’s approximately 16% of the total population. The United States comes second as the country with the most YouTube users, with about 197 million active YouTube users.

Over 2.3 billion people use YouTube once a month. YouTube’s most subscribed channel is T-Series (186 million subscribers), while the channel which generated the most revenue in 2020 was Ryan’s World (29 million subscribers).

YouTube User Demographics 67% of Baby Boomers, ages 57 – 75, watch YouTube. Many marketers seem sort of bent on getting young Millennial eyes on their products, but brands can reap huge rewards by targeting the mega-spending generation known as Baby Boomers.

Published by Statista Research Department , Aug 23, 2021. In the third quarter of 2020, it was found that 77 percent of U.S. internet users aged 15 to 25 years accessed YouTube. YouTube in the ...

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What country uses youtube the most?

In a compar i son of the most-viewed channels from each country, the United States earned the top spot by a long shot, with nearly one trillion total views as of March 2019. Indian channels came ...

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What country watches the most youtube?

OTT stands for “Over-the-top” and it refers to streaming services watched on a TV. Almost all Americans who watch streaming videos on their TVs are watching YouTube. YouTube is the most-used digital video platform in the United States. Netflix comes in second at 74.9%. In March, YouTube watch time on TVs increased 80% year-over-year. 6.

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What generation uses youtube the most?

youtube logo gen z youtube influencers

Gen Zers

Teenage Gen Zers spend most of their time watching videos on YouTube (37%) and Netflix (35%). Most of the videos they watch on YouTube are user-generated. Many of these videos are by influencers like David Dobrik, PewDiePie, and Emma Chamberlain.

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What has most views on youtube?

youtube channel most disliked video on youtube

Masha and the Bear: Recipe for Disaster is a rather unusual contender for the fourth position on this list of the most viewed YouTube videos. It has received 3.68 billion views so far and it is the only non-music video on the list. The success of this Russian children’s animation can be attributed to its popularity among children.

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What hurts the most lyrics youtube?

Song By Cascada (What Hurts The Most) With LyricsEnjoy. Song By Cascada (What Hurts The Most) With LyricsEnjoy.

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What hurts the most video youtube?

Song By Cascada (What Hurts The Most) With LyricsEnjoy

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What is most popular youtube channel?

youtube logo gaming youtube channels

This is one of the most famous YouTube channels in theworld. PewDiePie creates reviews for computer and console games, shootsdetailed walkthroughs and makes live broadcasts. Arvid Ulf Kjellberg also works with other bloggers andadvertisers like most YouTubers do. 1. T-Series — 156 million users

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What is most search on youtube?

If you want to know what is the most searched thing on YouTube today then head to the trending page and scroll through. Most Subscribed YouTube Channels. Apart from looking at top trending videos on YouTube, it’s also useful to keep up with trending channels and what content they produce that is resonating with users. In May 2021, the most subscribed YouTube channel is T-Series, India’s music and movie studio.

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What is most subscribed youtube channel?

first most subscribed youtube channel most subscribed youtube channel in india

The Indian music video channel T-Series is the most-subscribed YouTube channel, with 190 ...

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What is youtube most disliked video?

youtube rewind most disliked video on youtube in india

These are the 15 most-disliked videos on YouTube 1. YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind. Bieber’s “Baby” took eight years to rack up 10 million dislikes; 2. Sadak 2 Trailer. The trailer for Alia Bhatt’s film Sadak 2 received backlash following the untimely death of... 3. Justin Bieber – ...

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What most viewed video on youtube?

youtube video download most watched most viewed youtube video

Top videos

No.Video nameViews (billions)
1."Baby Shark Dance"8.74
3."Johny Johny Yes Papa"5.43
4."Shape of You"5.34

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What people search most on youtube?

Top 100 YouTube searches (US): a list of the most popular YouTube searches in the US. Top ...

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Youtube cascada what hurts the most?

Cascada - What Hurts The Most - YouTube. Cascada - What Hurts The Most. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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What are the most liked youtube comments on youtube?

As of September of 2018, the most liked comment in YouTube history is written by the YouTuber “Grandayy.” The comment was written for the official music video to the song “I Love It,” performed by Kanye West and Lil Pump and featuring Adele Givens.

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Most viewed youtube clip?

it is charlie bit my finger with 127,820,124 views

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What ads pay the most on youtube?

cpm youtube ads

Google pays out 68% of ad sale revenue, so for every $100 that an advertiser pays to Google, the latter will pay the YouTuber $68. 4An advertiser typically pays between 10 cents and 30 cents per ad view, which averages to around 18 cents a view.

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What are my most watched youtube videos?

most viewed video youtube 2020 highest views on youtube

These are my most popular videos since this channel was created.

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What are the most followed youtube channels?

first most subscribed youtube channel top who has the most subscribers on youtube

However, recently, an Indian music channel T-Series has replaced PewDiePie as the new most subscribed channel on YouTube. Currently, T-Series hold the record of most subscribed YouTube channel with whopping 108 million subscribers beating the second most subscribed comedy channel with 99 million subscribers.

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What are the most popular youtube channels?

Changes in YouTube Channel Popularity Since 2018. The YouTube channel scene has changed dramatically since we first published this list in March 2018, which leads to some interesting tidbits to review. Of the top 10 most-subscribed YouTube channels from March 2018, only two of them (PewDiePie and T-Series) are still in the top 10 today.

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What are the most profitable youtube channels?

The 10 top earning YouTubers of 2020

  • Dude Perfect. Income: 25.3m euros.
  • Rhett and Link. Income: 22m euros…
  • Markiplier. Income: 21.5m euros…
  • Preston Arsement. Income: 20.9m euros…
  • Like Nastya. Income: 20.3m euros…
  • Blippi. Income: 18.7m euros…
  • David Dobrik. Income: 17m euros…
  • Jeffree Star. Income: 16.5m euros. Views: 600 million…

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What are the most subscribed youtube channels?

top who has the most subscribers on youtube top 10 most subscribed youtube channel

The Most-Subscribed YouTubers and Channels. Here's a list of the most subscribed YouTubers and channels on the platform. From Bieber to PewDiePie, find out who tops the list. YouTube is huge. It’s the most searched for website, has well over a billion users, and people spend countless hours on the site.

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