Vlc can t play some youtube videos?

Orion Carroll asked a question: Vlc can t play some youtube videos?
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💻 Why don't some videos play on youtube?

Part 2: How to Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing. This part will show you how to fix YouTube videos not playing, as well as videos that load but do not play on YouTube: 1. Reasons for YouTube Videos Not Playing: There are common reasons why YouTube videos do not play. These are explained in the categories below:

💻 How come some videos won't play on youtube?

If you can't view a video on YouTube because it is geo-restricted, you could try installing a VPN to hide your IP address. You may not need to purchase a premium version because they can be so expensive. Trial versions may do the job, especially if you won't need the VPN all the time.

💻 My youtube will only play some videos firefox?

Most videos on browsers do not play! Youtube is fine, but others are not. For example in this post The video does not play in Opera, Firefox or Edge without errors in dev console. In vimeo as well, but the player there shows this error Screenshot by Lightshot The videos in general don't have issues as I can normally watch them from another computer.

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If I use VLC player to play the youtube video, it reports the video is 1080p, and is using different video codec to what is reported by MediaInfo. Specifically, VLC player is reporting Google/ON2's VP8 Video, and Vorbis Audio in use.

You can set VLC media player to directly play YouTube videos on your Windows. By default VLC allows users to play YouTube videos by putting the video URL in the designated field, as mentioned above (second screenshot below).

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Some youtube videos are green?

Youtube videos turn green The screen for youtube videos turn green and it seems to happen when I have multiple videos open. I tried accelerated graphics and updating my graphics card driver but none work… This troubleshooter automatically fixes some issues, including suboptimal screen resolution, incorrect security or account settings etc ...

Some youtube videos are jittery?

Some media players, like the ones mentioned above, support YouTube video playback. SMPlayer ships with its own YouTube module that you can load with a tap on F11. Here you can watch popular or recent videos, or load any video that you are interested in either by pasting its web address into the search form, or by entering a search term into it instead.

Youtube some videos are black?

Some people have reported that videos will work properly upon clearing cache. In Chrome, you can click on the three dots, then click on More Tools and choose Clear Browsing Data . Make sure to check Cached images and files and then click the Clear Data button.

Youtube why some videos private?

Youtube Google account >settings >view or change your Google Account settings >Take the Privacy Checkup(Get Started) >Manage What you share on youtube >uncheck "Keep all my liked videos private". Sign out then back in...Viola.

Why can't i play some youtube videos on my phone?

If a copyright holder doesn’t want their content distributed to a certain group of people (like those who can’t see ads), they can restrict it and YouTube will prevent the videos from playing ...

Why do only some youtube videos play in the background?

Open NewPipe, and in Settings, make sure that Use External Player has a checkmark. Open VLC, and in Preferences, make sure that Play videos in background has a checkmark. Now, when you play a video in NewPipe, on the dialog that appears select VLC player. It will play in VLC and you can do other things while it plays.

Why do some youtube videos play in a small screen?

Why is everything on my screen smaller?

  • Because objects on your screen are scaled to a certain number of pixels. When you increase the resolution, you are essentially pretending like your monitor has more pixels in it. Therefore, the objects are smaller because more pixels would have to be packed into the same size monitor.
Why does my roku tv not play some youtube videos?

Sometimes, Youtube Not Working On Roku error come due to a pending update on YouTube or TV firmware as well. Check in the google play store is there any pending update for the YouTube then try again to play YouTube on Roku.

Can't view some youtube videos free?

I can't view some videos and news clips such as Yahoo news and ABC news videos. I have removed and re-installed Adobe Flash and Shock wave players and Java. I'm setting up a new computer for my grand-daughter using Windows 7 and it has the same problem.

Some videos on youtube are squished?

It's long overdue; an updated video explaining the perils and annoyances of seeing SQUISHED or SQUASHED fan videos on YouTube. And sorry for the somewhat nag...

Why are some youtube videos backwards?

Why are many videos I see on YouTube reversed, any text that's visible is backwards? - Quora. That is one of different anti copyright measures to avoid them getting taken down. Other measures include: Cropping the video, sometimes to extreme measures, as that half the screen is missing.

Why are some youtube videos blurry?

Videos often appear blurry on Google Drive or YouTube immediately after they are uploaded. This is because both Drive and YouTube display a low-resolution version of your video while they're still processing the HD version in the background.

Why are some youtube videos demonetized?

A famous YouTuber who made a video about the “Nazi time capsule discovered in Poland” got demonetized. Surprisingly this video was demonetized because of the fact it uses the word Nazi. This was before all the stuff went down with the advertisers too.

Why are some youtube videos flipped?

How To Fix Facebook Live Flipped Video (Android & iOS) Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up next.

Why are some youtube videos square?

How To Fix YouTube STRETCH: There are two ways that you can stretch the video to get it to fit. You might need this is your content looks squashed because it was widescreen but is showing in 4:3. If used on 4:3 content it may distort the video content and perhaps affect the quality of it as well.

Why do some youtube videos stutter?

Part 1: The Common Solutions for YouTube Videos Stuttering 1. Update Players to Latest Version. Although most of YouTube videos are played with HTML5 player, there a few YouTube... 2. Clear the Browsing Date and Update Browser. Many people like to use Google Chrome that worked well to play ...

Why some youtube videos are distorted?

Why Are the Videos on YouTube Blurry & Distorted on My Windows Vista Computer? Changing Resolution. If all videos on YouTube look blurry, but the controls under the videos appear normal, increasing... Reinstall Flash. A glitch in Adobe Flash may cause videos to display improperly. Uninstalling and ...

Why wont some youtube videos download?

If YouTube suddenly refuses to download video, making it impossible for you view it, you may temporarily have a slow Internet connection, or the problem could be specific to the video, your browser or your computer. Troubleshoot your Web browser and your network's security settings to isolate the issue.

Why wont youtube run some videos?

But internet explorer still doesn't play all videos and some some youtube.Com videos that won't work on mozilla will work on internet explorer. But for the past three months I will begin without problems and play without a glitch. Sometimes I will play a video and it been nothing less than impeccable.

Youtube why are some videos small?

A big part of why people pay for these streaming services is to be able to download music and play them while offline. If a phone is in airplane mode, Youtube Music becomes completely unusable. You get access to a list of downloaded albums, and that's it.