Vivaldi lag when playing youtube?

Gertrude White asked a question: Vivaldi lag when playing youtube?
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When playing video on youtube the video is "jerky" (nearest description is it running at 10-15 fps.). This is when video is played in cinematic view or fullscreen. Not an issue when default view. If mouse cursor is active above video playback area the FPS goes back to normal.

The Vivaldi FFMPEG codecs are installed. Anybody else with the same problem since the recent update? Vivaldi 4.0.2312.33 Intel Core i7-8650U (integrated graphics) Kernel: 5.12.8-1-MANJARO Manjaro 21.0.7

For example, im playing wow on monitor #1, then i play a youtube video on monitor #2… I run Vivaldi but regardless of the browser posting video in the second display whilst playing a game full screen causes video to stutter occasionally. Interestingly though the stutters don't seem to relate to any CPU or GPU utilisation spiked. Any further ideas? I did try Ultimate Tweaker but this has ...

On Windows, you right-click on the Vivaldi icon (for instance on the taskbar), and right-click on Vivaldi in the menu that opens. Select Properties in the menu that opens then, and add the parameters to the target field of the properties window. Make sure that there is a "blank" between the path and filename, and the first parameter, e.g.

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The third movement of Summer is one of the more popular (and challenging!) movements in our complete arrangement set of Vivaldi's Four Seasons for solo guita...

I like to play rocket league and watch youtube at the same time, but the youtube video lags like my pc isn't strong enough to handle it. Task manager says that nothing is being overloaded or anything. I have a 2080 super, AMD 3600, 16 gb ram. All my monitors are 60hz, 1 is 4k and the others are 1080p. I have already disabled hardware acceleration in chrome but that did not solve the problem. I ...

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Youtube lagging when playing gamnes?

This tends to happen when the video is played using an accelerated codec. The GPU is busy rendering the game and decoding the video, so it will have trouble keeping up with one or both.

Youtube lagging when playing roblox?

im a lag expert if not see btw also anyone notice the finger reveal btw if your wondering why i made this video cause i keep lagging 24/7 so i just think i made a video about me crying while ...

Youtube playing when closed app?

If you're mainly getting YouTube Premium for the music, you can opt for the YouTube Music Premium subscription, which is only $9.99 a month. To subscribe: Open the YouTube app on your Android. Tap your profile photo. If you're eligible for a free trial, follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

Youtube skipping when playing games?

541. Mar 3, 2018. #2. shutdown all of the other apps running on the fone in the background ... especially social media programs like Facebook .... they chew up heaps of ram and slow down the cpu. 0.

Youtube stops playing when covered?

I stream youtube meditation video on bluetooth earbuds while going to sleep. I close the case and it stops so I open it and restart. runs all night!!! until a few days ago. now when I reopen the case and restart it goes back to home screen and shuts off the stream.

Youtube stops when playing roblox?

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Youtube stutters when playing games?

Since i've rebuilt my computer a number of weeks ago i've noticed an odd behavior. While loading/playing a game or when the HDD is under load the computer seems to stutter. Oddly when playing a game the game seems to run fine but any video playback seems choppy. I have a theory that it might be cache/driver related to the hdds.

Youtube video disappeared when playing?

The 2nd part of my 3 part abandoned factory video mysteriously disappeared...and it states I deleted it!? No i was proud of it, i lost views!

Videos not playing on youtube pause when playing?

Also, some people turn on auto-play and play their own video to fool the YouTube algorithm by showing they are getting more views which actually doesn’t work, but they try. So, when you play a video on constant repeat or a playlist, that counts as traffic generated on that video or playlist.

Android keep youtube playing when locked?

Firefox for Android had that ability. Due to Google making some requirements, it was disabled, but there's an addon which you can install in a second and that's all you need to continue playing YouTube in the background or when the screen is locked. Download Firefox for Android Install Video Background Play Fix addon.

Appcloud redirecting error when playing youtube?

DONT HIDE THE ANNOTATIONS - THEY GIVE AN EXPLANATION :)In this video i'm going to show you how you can fix your problem with the scm player on tumblr or any...

Black screen when playing youtube videos?

How to Fix Youtube Videos Black Screen [Easily]

  • Method 1: Sign out of your YouTube (Google) account…
  • Method 2: Refresh the page or restart your web browser…
  • Method 3: Check the status of your network connection…
  • Method 4: Clear your browsing data…
  • Method 5: Disable your browser extensions…
  • Method 6: Disable hardware acceleration…
  • Method 7: Update your web browser…
  • Method 8: Test with another browser…
Chrome error when playing youtube videos?

BSOD While Playing Youtube Videos on Chrome (Windows 10) Hi everyone, I have been getting frequent, but irregularly timed, BSOD when streaming youtube videos. Any other video service does not cause this problem. The error is DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION when the. 04d515d8-8574-40d3-88a6-6e2bcd186f73.

Color spots when playing youtube video?

The most common cause of a tinted screen is a misadjusted or damaged monitor. It can also be caused by problems with the monitor cable, the video card connector, or the monitor connector. On rare occasions it can be caused by a problem with the video card chip which outputs the video signal.

Computer shuts down when playing youtube?

A PC shutting down can be the result of overh... If your PC shuts down by itself while you’re watching videos, it is very likely that you have a hardware issue.

Error occurred when playing youtube videos?

Change video quality of the “errored video”, you can just pause the video and choose one of the several resolutions proposed by the YouTube player (720p, 480p, 360p, 240p, etc.). Then try to run the video again by clicking on the Play button. Tip 3. Update Browser & Flash Player to the Latest

Firefor ehco when playing youtube vidoes?

Echo Show – Imperfectly Perfect! All you can really do is say, “Alexa, play Waves on Youtube,” or “Alexa, play Country Roads on Youtube.” Alexa will then run a web search and display you the results. However, at least you get a decent search page and get to click and access the Youtube video you want!

Firefox crashes when playing youtube videos?

You should be able to reproduce the problem with a clean new profile without modification to make sure that this isn't a problem with your current profile. If the problem is with your YouTube account then try to create another YouTube account to see if that still has the problem or is caused by a setting in your current YouTube account.

Green screen when playing youtube videos?

The green screen problem while watching online videos is usually a hardware acceleration or outdated graphics card issue. While troubleshooting the same, begin with hardware acceleration fix. If this does not work, update your computer's graphics cards driver.

No sound when playing youtube iphone?

The problem is the sound coming into the system. It's okay with up to hd sound and video. But when they try to send you 4k or uhd it doesn't get recognized therefore …

No volume when playing youtube chrome?

Restart Chrome. Make sure the page is not muted by right-clicking on its tab… Open “Settings” in Chrome, go to “Advanced,” “Clean up computer,” then “Find.” If there's malware found, select “Remove.” Make sure Chrome isn't muted, or its volume isn't turned too low in the Volume Mixer.

Rx580 youtube slower when playing games?

PROBLEMS with Radeon rx580: lag on video and games in fullscreen Tech Support Hello, when I play a game and when I watch a video (that have high fps) in fullscreen, I have found a lot of problems ,the image got slow and some Frames get cutted and skipped.

Squeaking sound when youtube is playing?

Ever have problems with your cello sounding squeaky? Or just not great?! Check out this video =)

When did youtube start playing ads?

InVideo ads appeared in August and Partner Programs began in December of 2007. In 2008, YouTube launched an Insight analytics tool and a Screening Room. After …

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Step 2: Tap on “When Timer Ends.”. This is where you would normally select what ringtone you want the timer to use when the time is up. Step 3: Scroll all the way to the bottom and select “Stop Playing” and tap “Set” in the upper right corner to confirm. Step 4: Set the timer to whatever time you want, and hit the “Start” button.