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💻 How much subscribers youtube?

1,000 subscribers

For a start, you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours over the last year before you become eligible to join the YouTube Partner Program. Once you reach that minimum, you can begin to receive ads on your videos.

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💻 Why youtube delete subscribers?

Every three or four months, YouTube will do a massive purge of subscribers, or they will fix a problem with subscriber counts… For the vast majority of channels, they will lose subscribers through accounts that either the user themselves has closed, or because YouTube have terminated them due to a policy violation.

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💻 Who leading youtube subscribers?

comedian PewDiePie

Swedish Let's Player and web comedian PewDiePie is the most-subscribed individual user on YouTube, and the third most-subscribed YouTube channel overall, with 110 million subscribers as of April 2021.

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💻 Youtube how many subscribers?

1,000 new subscribers. 1,000,000–9,999,999 subscribers. 10,000 new subscribers. 10,000,000–99,999,999 subscribers. 100,000 new subscribers. 100,000,000–999,999,999 subscribers. 1,000,000 new subscribers. To understand how your subscriber count will be displayed, use the table below. For example, if you have...

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💻 What is statistics youtube?

In-depth explanation about what is statistics.Any doubt in any concept, you can reach out to us at:[email protected] more knowledge of stati...

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How many real subscribers youtube?

In this video, I will go over what it takes on YouTube to make money and an average living. I use information based off RPM analytics. (DISCLAIMER) - The mon...

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Where to see youtube subscribers?

You can see a list of your most recent subscribers on the channel dashboard. You can also check your subscriber count over time in YouTube Studio. View your recent subscribers Sign in to YouTube...

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Youtube who are my subscribers?

A pop-up window will appear showing your recent subscribers. Adjust the date range at the top to see who subscribed in the last seven days, month, 90 days, year, or the life of your channel. On this panel, you will see a recent subscriber's:

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How many subscribers youtube tv?

3 million subscribers

YouTube TV (More than 3 million subscribers as of Oct. 29, 2020)

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Poppy youtube how many subscribers?

Poppy (entertainer)

Years active2011–present
GenreEntertainment internet culture satire pop culture music
Subscribers2.58 million (September 10, 2019)
Total views560+ million (June 8, 2021)

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My youtube subscribers are gone?

Published on Dec 1, 2014. I just check my YouTube Channel and was shocked! YouTube deleted my subscribers! I just lost 120 subscribers for god knows reason! one of my channels says that I have 1 ...

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1 million subscribers on youtube?

Lets assume the average CPM for a YouTuber with 1 million subscribers is around $4 dollars. YouTube takes a 45% cut and sometimes the YouTuber also has Multi Channel Network representing who also takes around 45%. So the You Tuber, who gets on average 600k+ views a week, will end up with around $1-3k a week from CPMs 689 views

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Can subscribers see youtube comments?

Before in settings, there was an option to turn it off so your comments don't appear in your subscriber feed so your subscribers can't see your comments but I don't see that option in the settings anymore.. looks like that changed it, so now I can't figure out whether or not my subscribers can see what I comment in videos.

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Youtube can t see subscribers?

Which subscribers are not shown. Subscribers may not show on your recent subscribers list if: They chose to keep their subscriptions private. Their account is suspended or identified as spam.

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Do subscribers matter on youtube?

The answer is “it depends” but many times, no, it doesn't matter. YouTube subscribers is equivalent to followers on Instagram or Twitter. These types of metrics are some of the first things people start listing off when it comes to measuring the success of their social media channels.

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How many subscribers youtube channel?

As of November 2020, there are around 22,000 YouTube channels out there having over 1 million subscribers. They are the dinosaurs of the YouTube space! ... Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels.

3.Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes98M
4.SET India88M

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Where to find statistics on youtube?

In order to view your YouTube Analytics, sign in to your YouTube account and go to your Creator Studio. From there, click into the Analytics tab in the menu on the left of your screen. In order to check which of your videos are performing the best, click on Watch time under Watch time reports.

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What is on youtube video statistics?

YouTube usage statistics

500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. We watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos a day, more than Netflix and Facebook video combined. 70% of YouTube views come from mobile devices. The average mobile viewing session lasts more than 40 minutes.

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How many subscribers does youtube gaming have?

As of March 2021, PewDiePie was ranked first among the most popular YouTube gaming channels with 109 million subscribers. Canadian gamer Evan Fong, aka VanossGaming, was ranked seventh with 25.5 million subscribers....

CharacteristicNumber of subscribers in millions

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What happened with youtube statistics?

The feature is still there but channels have always had the option to disable it across a single or all videos. level 2. NickSchwifty. Original Poster. 1 point · 4 years ago. Yeah, I have mentioned that, but it had more information before, or I have problems with a memory. Continue this thread.

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Do moving youtube channels add subscribers?

Once you create a video and post it on a YouTube channel, your job isn’t complete. Being promoted to your videos on all the social media helps to get subscribers to your channel. It would help if you had a social media profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., share your video link in their profile.

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How get subscribers on youtube fast?

The 3 free apps the article lists are to enable you to get subscribers on YouTube fast and easy. Use Canva to edit great and creative thumbnail and attract more people to subscribe to you. Use YouTube Studio to manage and promote your channel , see real-time data, and make user-generated content to gain more subscribers with ease.

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How i get subscribers on youtube?

8 Ways to Get to 1000 YouTube Subscribers#1 Put Your Audience, Rather Than Revenue, First…#2 Define Your Value Proposition on YouTube…#3 Double Down ...

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How many fake subscribers on youtube?

Likigram can detect fake youtube subscribers and shows only real youtube subscribers. That is why you can check fake youtube subs with this tool. Just find out how many youtube subscribers has got a channel according to our counter. That will be the real subs only. All fake subscribers are omitted. How to Check Youtube Subscribers? Youtube Subs Checker is an easy and intuitive app that provides you with the number of youtube subscribers on any channel you search.

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How many subscribers plague from youtube?

  • Silver Creator Award. Awarded to channels that reach or surpass 100,000 subscribers…
  • Gold Creator Award. Awarded to channels that reach or surpass 1,000,000 subscribers…
  • Diamond Creator Award. Awarded to channels that reach or surpass 10 million subscribers…
  • Custom Creator Award…
  • Red Diamond Creator Award.

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How many subscribers plaque from youtube?

There is a silver plaque (for 100,000 subscribers), a gold plaque (for 1 million subscribers), and a multi-faceted diamond sculpture (for 10 million subscribers). In the past, YouTube has also handed out custom awards for channels that have surpassed 50 million subscribers, including both Kjellberg and T-Series.

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How many subscribers to monetize youtube?

  • You have at least 1,000 subscribers. all other general rules are applicable for monetizing the videos. Follow all the YouTube Partner Program policies. You need to check that the YouTube partner program is in your country or not.

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How many subscribers until youtube pays?

How many subscribers until YouTube is considered a full time job? QUESTIONS I've seen loads of youtubers with around 50-100k subscribers (assuming active subscribers) who seem like they are doing this as a full time job.

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How to delete youtube channel subscribers?

how to delete subscribers on other peoples channels!!!!! you can also add subscribers by typing a bigg...

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How many youtube red subscribers 2018?

YouTube Premium subscribers

20163 million
20172.8 million
201810 million
201918 million

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How many youtube subscribers to monetize?

Now you can monetize your YouTube channel videos if and only if you met the following requirements ; You have at least 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months. You have at least 1,000 subscribers. all other general rules are applicable for monetizing the videos.

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100 subscribers youtube how much money?

YouTube does not pay you for 100 subscribers. Your subscribers have to be in thousands for you to be paid.

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Can't see my subscribers on youtube?

Can't see my subscribers on YouTube… I can't see my all subscribers, please fix this problem. 3/3/13. fustradedconfuzzled. nope, i have subscribers whose avatars used to show and now suddenly don't, and their channels are still active and subscribed to me, ...

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Can't see number of youtube subscribers?

Go to YouTube Studio. Click Settings, then Channel, then Advanced settings. Under "Subscriber count," check "Display the number of people subscribed to my channel." Click Save.

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Can u buy subscribers on youtube?

If you can get a person's interest on YouTube, they may subscribe to your channel. After that, they will start seeing your content on their homepage and get notified often.

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How to get real youtube subscribers?

3 pro tips to gain real YouTube subscribers

  1. Ask your viewers to subscribe. It doesn't get much simpler than that, right? ...
  2. Promote videos on your end screen…
  3. Create an appealing channel page.

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How to find out youtube subscribers?

To check your Subscribers List click Creator Studio (website) > Community > Subscribers. You can see your total number of subscribers at the top of the page. (This works for desktop and mobile.).

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How to get youtube subscribers 2015?

More videos on YouTube

  1. Brand your thumbnails…
  2. Use YouTube's clickable subscription tools in your videos…
  3. Think in terms of playlists…
  4. Showcase your content strategically on your channel page…
  5. Run a contest…
  6. Release videos on a consistent schedule…
  7. Entice your audience over from other social media channels.

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How to get youtube subscribers 2018?

21 Tips on How to Get More YouTube Subscribers for Free in 2018

  1. Continually Post Useful Content…
  2. Choose Accurate, Clickable Titles for Your Videos…
  3. Give Your Channel a Redesign…
  4. Don't Be Afraid to Be Human…
  5. Change Up Your Shooting Locations…
  6. Create a Clear Custom Thumbnail…
  7. Make Playlists to Encourage Viewers to Subscribe.

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How to hide youtube channel subscribers?

Generally, people hide their subscribers when they don’t have many subscribers on their youtube channel, I also do the same for my channel until the first 200 subscribers. Well, I suggest you hide subscribers only if you don’t have many subscribers on youtube and if you got enough subscribers 100-200 then unhide subscriber count.

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How to gain subscribers on youtube?

I certainly won't if the answer to this query turned into as simple as the question is but regrettably, it isn’t. Because gaining subscribers relies upon plenty of factors, a number of those factors are under your control, and some of them are not...

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How to get active youtube subscribers?

…and how you can do the same thing.

  1. Use “Power Playlists”
  2. Publish LONG Videos (10+ Minutes)
  3. Promote Videos In Your End Screen.
  4. Branding Watermark = Subscribe Button.
  5. Focus On Quality… Not Quantity.
  6. Reply To EVERY Comment.
  7. Write a Compelling Channel Description.
  8. Funnel People to “Subscriber Magnets”

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How much money from subscribers youtube?

How much money do you get for 100000 subscribers? Influencers with at least 100,000 followers on YouTube can typically earn $12,500 for a sponsored video, according to Forbes.. Does YouTube pay every month? YouTube paying us through ads is the primary method we creators earn. The payouts vary from time to time, there is no fixed amount that you earn yearly or monthly, mine is in the range of ...

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How much to buy youtube subscribers?

#1 Can I buy real YouTube subscribers? A thousand subscribers will cost you an average of 30 to 50 dollars, and for 1000 views you will pay 3 to 4 dollars.

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Can youtube subscribers see your email?

It’s time for you to start growing your email list through your YouTube videos Building an audience on YouTube is one thing, but to take that connection to the next level you need to get your viewers to join your email list. Email is still the most powerful channel for deepening your relationship with your audience.

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How to get youtube subscribers count?

$total_subscribers_count = intval($youtube_api_response['items'][0]['statistics']['subscriberCount']); // print counts of youtube subscribers. echo $total_subscribers_count; So right now you’ll be able to easy way to get your youtube subscribers counts using api v3.0.

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How to get youtube subscribers paid?

The fastest way to get these answers is by asking your subscribers. Then you’ll begin to understand the value of what you’re offering. 2. Grow Your YouTube Podcast to 10,000 Subscribers. This is the sweet spot for starting any kind of YouTube business. With 10,000 subscribers, you have more than just a strong following.

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What notifications do youtube subscribers get?

The “Subscriber bell notifications” card shows what portion of your subscribers clicked the bell to get all notifications from your entire channel. It also shows how many of those subscribers are eligible to get notifications, based on their device and account settings.

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How much 100000 subscribers on youtube?

Just like sports trading, it has more to do with demand and supply. Running a sponsored post, especially if you have plenty of subscribers is another means of increasing your revenue on YouTube. Conclusion. How much can you make from a video with 100,000 views? Well, the answer is that it depends on the number of ads you choose to include.

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Where to get more youtube subscribers?

As long as you keep sharing your YouTube channel on cross platforms, you will get more views and get more YouTube subscribers. Besides, in addition to sharing video on Facebook and Twitter, you can expand your search net with Pinterest to get YouTube subscribers and viewers.

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Who has most youtube subscribers 2018?

August 24, 2018 Big Hit Labels 434,576 "Idol" by BTS October 1, 2018 Dylan Williams 434,556 Bot: re-uploading kids videos April 4, 2019 BLACKPINK 433,974 "Kill This Love" music video December 28, 2018 Jablinski Games: 432,934 New channel by Jack Black July 30, 2018 Royal Family 431,589 New channel by Queen Naija & ClarenceNYC April 10, 2021 tomiii 11

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Who has the subscribers on youtube?

Most popular YouTube channels as of May 2021, ranked by number of subscribers (in millions)

CharacteristicNumber of subscribers in millions
Cocomelon - Nursey Rhymes112
SET India105

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Why am i getting youtube subscribers?

Get subscribers on YouTube by avoiding these 3 common mistakes a lot of YouTube video creators make. If you find yourself thinking, "why no subscribers" then...

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Why am i losing subscribers youtube?

If it seems that your subscriber count has changed or dropped, it could be for one of these reasons: Viewers are subscribing and unsubscribing to your channel normally. We've removed spam subscribers from your channel. If impacted, you'll see an alert in YouTube Studio.

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Why cant subscribers show on youtube?

i think they forget to account for the people that unsubscribed when showing the total #. so the # is the total of everyone that ever subscribed, but they only display the current subscribers. 3/1/13. lilisigel. That's depressing, I mean how other users could possibly fix youtube bad function.

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