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💻 Why china banned youtube?

Why China Is Banned From The Space Station. The first module of the International Space Station was launched into orbit in November 1998. Hundreds of astrona...

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💻 Why youtube is banned in pakistan?

The ban, Sheikh argued, was only hurting Pakistan’s students, musicians, and entrepreneurs, who relied on YouTube for work and were suffering because of the decline in Internet traffic.

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💻 Will youtube be banned in pakistan?

YouTube was banned in Pakistan after an anti-Islam film was uploaded on the site. The anti-Islam film however sparked violent protests across many cities in Pakistan. The ban was lifted in Pakistan in 2016 after YouTube owners launched a local version of the website.

💻 Why is youtube banned in iran?

Youtube is banned in schools because the students could look upinappropriate content and then would get suspended. It is bannedfor other reasons, such as students could look up different thingsto...

💻 What countries is youtube banned in?

In cases where the entire site is banned due to one particular video, YouTube will often agree to remove or limit access to that video in order to restore service. As of September 2012, countries with standing national bans on YouTube include China, Iran, Syria, and Turkmenistan.

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Why youtube is banned in these 10 countries?

YouTube faced a ban in Muslim countries after it published a controversial short film titled “The Innocence of Muslims” (2012). The website is also blocked in Sudan, South Sudan and Syria after the civil war. However, countries such as Pakistan have unblocked the video streaming app when YouTube created local versions in order to permit censorship.

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Why is there no youtube in china?

China has blocked the video-sharing network YouTube after Beijing denounced footage appearing to show security forces beating Tibetans in Lhasa last year as "a lie". The authorities have blocked the service on previous occasions and, more frequently, have prevented access to specific videos.

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How to get banned on youtube?

Community Guidelines terminations

  1. Repeated violations of the Community Guidelines or Terms of Service across any form of content (like repeatedly posting abusive, hateful, and/or harassing videos or comments)
  2. A single case of severe abuse (such as predatory behavior, spam, or pornography)

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Etika banned from youtube when calls?

Reason his youtube was banned was because he post NFSW content.In my previous video I was leaning more towards this being a part of his game.I'm not so sure ...

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Can your youtube account get banned?

So there is this story about this guy who got his Youtube account banned, so he thought about screwing with Youtube by getting as many people's accounts banned. So he goes to various public wi-fi spaces like McDonald's and what not, and logs into his banned Youtube account from there, which Youtube interprets as an attempt to circumvent the ban, and then bans that IP too.

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Will ar15 be banned on youtube?

Ban The AR 15 - It's Just Common Sense. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up next.

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Are all weed youtube channels banned?

If YouTube is banning cannabis-related channels for potentially harmful content, it’s extremely hypocritical to run Bud Light ads before every video I try to watch. Everyone knows (and science ...

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Rush limbaugh is banned on youtube?

Been subscribed to that channel for a few years now, now all but two videos under that channel have been removed completely. If you search for Rush Limbaugh Podcast on youtube you no longer find...

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Why was sori1004jy's youtube account banned?

One of her cover videos (of "Everything I Do, I Do it for You" by Bryan Adams) was flagged for copyright violation by "Adams Communications Inc" who hold the rights to that song.

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Countries where youtube is banned 2017?

On November 30, 2017, most YouTube videos containing music seemed to be blocked by Finnish nonprofit performance rights organization Teosto in Finland. According to them, Google blocked the videos because they did not have an agreement to show music videos in Finland.

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Should pewdiepie be banned on youtube?

Just look at how fast and aggressive T-Series have grown in the4 past few months while PewDiePie is facing Youtube censorship already like demonetization and various ranking tricks. So in conclusion, PewDiePie will be banned either he likes it or not after he becomes number 2.

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Youtube comments can you get banned?

If the comment violates YouTube's Community Guidelines, it will be removed. Hide the user. You can block a user from commenting straight from their inappropriate comment or in the “Community” tab in your channel Settings. Users are not alerted when you block them.

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Is matt kohrs banned by youtube?

YouTube’s favourite Wall Street expert was banned from the platform on April 8th, 2021. Here’s what happened to Matt Kohrs. Fans of the stock market enthusiast Matt Kohrs noticed that they couldn’t access his YouTube channel on April 8th. He later took over Twitter to announce that YouTube terminated his account. Here’s what has happened.

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Where to watch banned youtube videos?

Use Hooktube. Hooktube is a YouTube alternative where you can view all videos on YouTube without regional restriction and age restriction. By using a simplified interface, Hooktube loads faster than YouTube because it removes some annoying features of YouTube. Thus, you can watch YouTube videos without distraction.

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Is watching youtube in china illegal?

Is Youtube legal in China? Even though Youtube is blocked in China, it's not illegal to watch it. There is no precedent of anyone being charged with a crime for watching Youtube or using a VPN. China is well aware of the fact that many internet users are accessing blocked websites using VPNs.

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Can foreigners use youtube in china?

Accessing Youtube in China is still possible through a VPN. A VPN, or virtual private network, allows you to route your internet traffic through a private, encrypted connection… For China-based VPN users, that could mean connecting to a VPN in Europe, the Americas, or anywhere that Youtube is openly available.

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How to get youtube in china?

How to unblock Youtube in China

  1. Sign up for a VPN that works in China…
  2. Download and install the VPN app…
  3. Open the app and sign in…
  4. Select a server location outside of China…
  5. Hit the Connect button and wait a few seconds for the connection to be established.
  6. Open Youtube in the app or web browser and start watching!

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Why is youtube blocked in china?

  • YouTube is blocked because it showed riots in Tibet, riots that the Chinese government maintains were faked. Apparently, the Chinese government is afraid that some citizens may take their cues from a YouTube video and start a riot themselves.

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Why is youtube working in china?

Why and when was Youtube blocked in China? The video sharing website has been blocked in China since 2009, and was among one of the first social media websites to get blocked by the Great Firewall of China. Youtube, which is owned by Google, allows users to access videos created by users from around the world.

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Why doesn't youtube work in china?

You tube doesn't work in China because China forbids it. The reason why is because they don't want to get foreign ideas into their country (probably).

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Why youtube is blocked in china?

You may be shocked to find out that you can't use these often used sites in China. Find out all the lesser known reasons why in this video.★☆★BONUS FOR A LIM...

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Can you watch youtube in china?

Yes, Youtube is blocked in China… Likewise, Youtube's paid content and Youtube TV are also blocked. Tip: If you want to unblock YouTube and other restricted sites you will need a VPN. Most VPNs won't work, however, so pick one from our China VPN list.

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What is like youtube in china?


Youku is one of China's top online video and streaming service platforms, along with iQiyi, Sohu, LeTV, Tencent Video, PPTV, and Funshion.

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Can you access youtube in china?

Youku (优酷 – Yōu kù) is the Chinese version of YouTube and works just like everyone’s favourite video sharing website. You can upload, watch, comment on, and like various videos. Of course it’s all in Chinese so brush up on your Chinese skills!

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Can you get banned from a youtube channel?

Yes, YouTube has Community Guidelines. If you don't follow them you get a strike. If you get three strikes then your banned from Youtube. Youtube doesn't tell you when you get a strike unless you ...

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How to view banned videos in puerto rico youtube?

This is a behind the scenes vlog of a trip I took to Puerto Rico after Hurricanes Irma and Maria. I was there to film for my adventure travel show “Beyond th...

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How to watch youtube videos banned in your country?

This program is 100% free. I hope I helped you all. If it works, please subscribe and like to show your support, thanks!

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Can you get banned for swearing in youtube 2019?

Even though the constitutionality of these laws can be challenged, few states make it illegal to curse in front of minors. In Georgia, for instance, cursing in the presence of a person under the age of 14 is considered disorderly conduct, while Michigan recently abolished an outdated law that made it illegal to swear in front of a minor.

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Can china access youtube?

The service will connect you to a remote server which then allows you access to blocked sites and apps. For China-based VPN users, that could mean connecting to a VPN in Europe, the Americas, or anywhere that Youtube is …

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Can china watch youtube?

As you most likely already know, YouTube is blocked in China, but is it still possible to access YouTube in the country?. Despite the fact that YouTube has been restricted for use by Chinese users since March 2009, it is still possible to access YouTube to watch videos in China.

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Does china use youtube?

Even though YouTube is blocked under the Great Firewall, many Chinese media outlets, including Central China Television (CCTV), have official YouTube accounts. In spite of the ban, Alexa ranks YouTube as the 11th most visited website in China.

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Does youtube support china?

Videos generalize, stereotype and pedal a cartoonishly simplified view of how Chinese people behave that is by no means true of all Chinese people in China or outside of the nation. Some even use racist slurs

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Is it illegal to watch youtube in china?

Is Youtube legal in China? Even though Youtube is blocked in China, it's not illegal to watch it. There is no precedent of anyone being charged with a crime for watching Youtube or using a VPN. China is well aware of the fact that many internet users are accessing blocked websites using VPNs.

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Why can you not watch youtube in china?

The video sharing website has been blocked in China since 2009, and was among one of the first social media websites to get blocked by the Great Firewall of China… In that situation, China opts to block the website's access altogether. Blocking websites like Youtube does have some benefit for China.

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Why can t you watch youtube in china?

As these social media websites are based in Western countries (mostly the United States), China cannot force them to filter content for Chinese users. In that situation, China opts to block the website's access altogether. Blocking websites like Youtube does have some benefit for China.

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How to view banned youtube videos archive?

Captures of pages from YouTube. Currently these are discovered by searching for YouTube links on Twitter. Data crawled from in 2007 by Internet Archive.

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Which paul brother got banned from youtube?

In February 2017, Dwayne Johnson released on his own YouTube channel, "Logan Paul has been cut from, like, all of The Rock's movies", a video starring himself and Paul, in which Johnson informs Paul that he has been cut from all of Johnson's films, and consoles Paul by making him the "ambassador" to his upcoming ...

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How long am i banned from youtube?

If you have the experience of your comments being "shadow-banned" on YouTube -- where you can see them, but the channel creator can not, and neither can anybody else …

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How do people get banned from youtube?

NordVPN and ExpressVPN do a great job of blocking Ads on YouTube. Lets hit them where it hurts. Ill gladly pay $100 a year to kill all YouTube ads and Googles Ad Revenue. 1

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What does shadow banned mean on youtube?

stealth banning

Shadow banning, also called stealth banning, ghost banning or comment ghosting, is the practice of blocking or partially blocking a user or their content from an online community so that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned.

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How do download your banned off youtube?

Its for education purpose only i am not responsible for mis using this trick .. I just want you guys to successfully delete yr account from tik tok.

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How to watch banned movies on youtube?

Here are 4 controversial and banned Asian movies for sexually explicit scenes, incestuous themes, rebellious stories, and others. They are banned for differe...

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How to see banned videos on youtube?

Follow these tried and tested processes to view restricted videos straightaway. 1. Bypass YouTube Region Lock. Geographic restriction is the reason for some videos to get banned in your country. However, to view such blocked YouTube videos, try these two simple ways to bypass YouTube’s regional filter easily.

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What ssethtzeentach videos are banned on youtube?

Outward Review | Prepare to Fry™ Edition - YouTube.

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How to get your youtube channel banned?

Fill out the form as completely as possible including your Channel ID. The more information you give us, the easier it will be to process your request. Copyright terminations. If your channel was...

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Youtube banned this doctor's video here's why?

YouTube recently removed this Daily Signal video because of one sentence Dr. Cretella, a pediatrician and executive director of the American College of Pedia...

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Why was james yeager banned from youtube?

In this video, I am sharing My Thoughts on James Yeager being BANNED. Overall, I think this is another example of Youtube censorship. We need to be really ca...

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Why alex jones was banned on youtube?

He is banned from Facebook, YouTube [1], Twitter [2], Spotify [3], and a few other social networks and services. [4] And Paypal. [5] 1. YouTube Bans Alex Jones' InfoWars for Violating Community Guidelines 2. Twitter permanently bans Alex Jones and...

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How to find banned videos on youtube?

Let’s use this purge of censored YouTube channels to find better platforms that decentralize power, reward content creators and pledge to support free speech no matter what. One solution is the launch of Real.Video as announced by Mike Adams.

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Why did dani get banned from youtube?

The History of Dani - Why Youtube Banned me for 5 Years. x. Dani buys a Runescape Girlfriend 34. okay gamers this is so sad smash like to pay respect FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH - from video: Dani - The History of Dani - Why Youtube Banned me for 5 Years. x. Win Any Argument in 9.17 Seconds

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