Know your why youtube?

Vicente Wisozk asked a question: Know your why youtube?
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Eric Thomas Motivational Speech!Motivational Video | Inspirational Video | Life Success=====Special Thanks t...

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Michael Jr. This is one episode of the Funny How Life Works podcast that you don't want to miss. In this episode of Funny How Life Works, Michael Jr. and Tech Guy Nick talk to a Hollywood actor whose name you'll definitely recognize. Hollywood comes with its compromising moments.

💻 Can you know who watches your youtube videos?

The only time that you can discern who exactly is watching your video is if you embed it on your own website and use some sort of advanced identification. This is done based on browser location, browser language, addons installed and other variables that give you about a 1 in 1,000,000,000,00 chance of repeating.

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Comedian Michael Jr. goes Off the Cuff at live comedy show and uses this completely improv moment as a great illustration for knowing your why and purpose in...

"We don’t get burned out because of what we do. We get burned out because we forget why we do it."Having a vision for your life and knowing where you are goi...

Get to know your audience. The Audience tab in YouTube Analytics gives you an overview of who’s watching your videos and insights on their demographics. The key metrics card shows your returning & new viewers, unique viewers , subscribers, total members. Note: Some data, such as geography, traffic sources, or gender, may be limited in YouTube ...

Know Your Why. “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”. - Friedrich Nietzsche. In a moving video talk, comedian Michael Jr. describes the power of knowing your “why.”. In it, he showed an audience a clip from a different event, in which he asked a member of that audience to sing the opening stanzas from “Amazing Grace.”.

The importance of knowing your demographics cannot be overlooked. Google AdSense knows your demographics and will run ads specifically for them right on top of your videos, so why not capitalize on that and, at the very least, try not to offend them. Comments. Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone’s got one.

Find Your WHY. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee, a leader of a team, or are looking to find clarity on your next move, your WHY is the one constant that will guide you toward fulfillment in your work and life.

Why should you create a brand for your channel? Branding can establish your channel’s identity and attract viewers -- and help bring them back for more. It’s a symbol (or set of symbols) designed to convey a consistent message about your channel. Most viewers will be introduced to your channel through a single video that they find in YouTube Search or Suggested videos, or embedded on a site.

Knowing your why is an important first step in figuring out how to achieve the goals that excite you and create a life you enjoy living (versus merely surviving!). Indeed, only when you know your ...

And it’s why your friends like you. It’s the same thing. Your friends love you, your colleagues love you, your audience loves you, you know for the same reason. And your show is simply one of the things you’re doing in your life that brings your cause to life. You know, anything you do in your life has to bring your cause to life.

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Por que un momento especial se queda para siempre..

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IP Address Tracking

This address is like a thumbprint for your computer… Investigative authorities can use the IP address associated with a YouTube account, or a YouTube video, to pinpoint your exact location, as well as your Internet service provider.

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If you already managed strategies related to digital marketing, you know that every piece of content must have a CTA in the end to make people do what you want …

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If you want to know who's watching your videos, pay close attention to the demographics and playback location metrics of the videos you're uploading to YouTube. The demographics page of YouTube analytics gives you much needed insights, including the age, gender, and geography of your audience.

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