Jewel ideo who will save your soul on youtube?

Marquis Wiegand asked a question: Jewel ideo who will save your soul on youtube?
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💻 Youtube jewel who will save your soul?

Best Worship Songs. 11:55:00. This I Believe (The Creed) (Live at Hillsong Conference in Sydney 2014) Hillsong Worship. 6:45. You Are My King. Shout Praises Kids. 4:40. Overflow (Live)

💻 Who will save your soul youtube?

What's the soundtrack of your youth? In's new column, Best Song Ever, we revisit the tunes that made us who we are. In today's installment, the immortal "Who Will Save Your Soul" by Jewel.

💻 Where is my youtube v ideo id?

The video ID will be located in the URL of the video page, right after the v= URL parameter. In this case, the URL of the video is: Therefore, the ID of the video is aqz-KE-bpKQ .

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Jewel Lyrics. "Who Will Save Your Soul". People living their lives for you on TV. They say they're better than you and you agree. He says "Hold my calls from behind those cold brick walls". Says "Come here boys, there ain't nothing for free". Another doctor's bill, a lawyer's bill. Another cute cheap thrill.

Jewel Kilcher (born May 23, 1974) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, actress, and author. She has received four Grammy Award nominations and, as of 2015, has sold over 30 million albums worldwide.. Jewel was raised near Homer, Alaska, where she grew up singing and yodeling as a duo with her father, a local musician. At age fifteen, she received a partial scholarship at the Interlochen ...

JEWEL ATKINS: The birds and the bees: THE SEEKERS: The carnival is over: BIG JOE TURNER: The chicken and the hawk: BARRY RYAN: The colour of my love: JANE MORGAN: The day the rains came: SKEETER DAVIS: The end of the world: WAYNE FONTANA: The game of love: THE PLATTERS: The great pretender: DESMOND DEKKER: The Israelites: THE TOKENS: The lion ...

This is a video of Jewel and Jessica Simpson singing who will save your soul together. Great performance!if you have any question you can comment on my youtu...

Length. 4:00. Jewel explained her creative process for "Who Will Save Your Soul" in an interview. "When I was about sixteen years old I took a train from Michigan to San Diego and then into Tijuana and hitchhiked around Mexico. It seemed like everybody else was looking for somebody to save them. I wrote it during that trip, but I had no idea it ...

Jewel singles chronology. " Who Will Save Your Soul ". (1996) " You Were Meant for Me ". (1996) Music video. "Who Will Save Your Soul" on YouTube. " Who Will Save Your Soul " is a song written and sung by Jewel. It was the first song released from her first album, Pieces of You (1995), and became a hit in North America and Australasia, peaking ...

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You’ll need to give info that will allow us and the uploader (s) of any video (s) you remove to contact you regarding your complaint, such as an email address, physical address, or telephone number. Section 2: Details of your complaint. For each video concerned, please identify: Video URL. The exact statements in the video or metadata that ...

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Provided to YouTube by Universal Music GroupWhat Does Your Soul Look Like (Pt. 4) · DJ ShadowEndtroducing.....℗ 1994 Mowax Recordings Ltd.Released on: 1996-0...

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Music by Les Friction. I claim no rights to the song, so do whatever you like with the video. Cheers!!

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Step 1. Copy the video URL from the target YouTube video page. Step 2. Go to and paste the video URL into the URL box and click the download button to analyze the URL.

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Click on `SAVE` from the full video page Create a new playlist Enter the playlist's name Choose the playlist's visibility Click on `SAVE` from the full video page Check your playlist's checkbox The videos are now added to your playlist Click on the guide button from the top left, then select 'Library' Scroll down to the Playlists section. The playlist is displayed here

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This is one of my favorites. I am posting it here because you asked! I did a new vocal just for this video version which is more reflective of the way I actu...

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