How to setup oracle 12c data guard physical standby?

Heather Gleichner asked a question: How to setup oracle 12c data guard physical standby?
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  • Environment Details:-Primary Server side Configurations:- Copyright (c) 1982, 2014, Oracle. All rights reserved. Database closed. Database dismounted. ORACLE instance shut down. ORACLE instance started. Database mounted. Database altered. Database altered. Database altered.


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💻 How to configure oracle 12c data guard far sync?

  • In this article we are going to see Step by Step Configure Oracle 12c Data Guard Far Sync Standby Database An Oracle Data Guard far sync instance is a remote Oracle Data Guard destination that accepts redo from the primary database and then ships that redo to other members of the Oracle Data Guard configuration.

💻 What is a snapshot standby database in oracle?

  • A snapshot standby database is a fully updateable standby database created by converting a physical standby database into a snapshot standby database. redo data from a primary database.

💻 How to create a standby server in oracle database?

  • To create the standby database over the network on the standby server, start up the standby database in NOMOUNT mode: 8. On the primary server, issue the RMAN command and connect as sysdba: 9. Log in to the primary server and switch the logfile: 10. Start the recovery process on the standby server: 11.

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How to setup oracle virtualbox for internet access?

VirtualBox network adapter settings can be accessed in the virtual machine settings (select your VM, hit Settings and go to the Network section in the VM settings window). There you should see four adapter tabs. One virtual network adapter is enabled by default after virtual machine creation.

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How to setup org id in oracle apps?

How to set org context in Oracle apps R12 and 11i

  1. The SQL command to set the ORG _ID prior to running a script is: SQL> exec mo_global. init('AR'); exec mo_global. set_policy_context('S','&org_id');
  2. Enter the org_id when prompted.

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Where is software guard extensions in bios setup?

Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) is set to Software Controlled in BIOS. Operating system is installed in UEFI mode. Check if Windows® 10 is booted in Legacy or UEFI Mode using one of these options. If Windows® 10 is in Legacy mode, change to UEFI mode in BIOS and reinstall Windows 10.

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How to add data file in oracle?

  • To add datafiles to a tablespace, use either the Add Datafile dialog box of Enterprise Manager/GUI, or the SQL command ALTER TABLESPACE. You must have the ALTER TABLESPACE system privilege to add datafiles to a tablespace.

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How to create oracle data provider

  • 1 . From Project menu, select Add Reference... 2 . Scroll down the list of Component Names and select Oracle.DataAccess. Click OK. To retrieve data from the database, you can add some controls to your form. Perform the following steps: 1 .

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How to read xmltype data in oracle?

  • When you configure the connector to read XMLType data and manually create the SELECT statement, you must use an alias to reference the table. Also, the XMLType column must use the Oracle GETCLOBVAL () or GETBLOBVAL () member function to get the actual XML content as BLOB or CLOB.

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How to recover updated data in oracle?

  • Restore the database using the RESTORE DATABASE command, and recover it using the RECOVER DATABASE command. Examine the output to see if recovery was successful. If so, open the database. This example performs restore and recovery of the database, using automatic channels.

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What companies use oracle software for data?

The number of available emails of companies that use Oracle ERP is 82,624. Which are the top Oracle ERP customers by industry? Some of the Oracle ERP customers by industry are retail, financial services, machinery, telecommunications, staffing and recruiting, construction, computer software, Information technology and services, hospital and healthcare and others.

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Which is oracle data provider types?

  • The Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.dll assembly provides two namespaces: The Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client namespace contains ODP.NET classes and enumerations for the client-side provider. The Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Types namespace contains the Oracle Data Provider for.NET data types (ODP.NET Types).

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Can we alter table with data in oracle?

Oracle alter table change column datatype. alter table mytable modify (blob_column clob); Of course, you must deal with existing column data. When modifying a tables column datatype you may want to export the rows, redefine the table and then re-import you data.

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Can we insert data into synonym in oracle?

A synonym is not a "real" object, but simply a pointer to an object; so, whatever you do on a synonym, you are doing on the referred object. SQL> create synonym my_synonym for sys. sys_table; Synonym created. SQL> insert into my_synonym values (1); 1 row created.

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Can we recover data after truncate in oracle?

If you've accidentally executed a TRUNCATE statement and you have a full database backup, given that no changes occurred after the table was truncated, you can simply recover the data by overwriting the original database with the backup.

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How can i recover data from oracle flashback?

  • With it, Oracle ensures you can always recover back to the time you created it. As with Flashback Database, Oracle stores the logs to support this in the fast recovery area. To recover the space you must drop the restore point manually.

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How is json data stored in oracle database?

  • You can store JSON data in Oracle Database using columns whose data types are VARCHAR2, CLOB, or BLOB. The choice of which to use is typically motivated by the size of the JSON documents you need to manage: Use VARCHAR2 (4000) if you are sure that your largest JSON documents do not exceed 4000 bytes (or characters) Foot 1Footref 1.

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How to export only table data in oracle?

  • To export a specific table, use “tables=” option as shown below. This example will export only benefits table. To export multiple tables at the same time, specify the list of table names in the “tables” parameter by separating them with commas as shown below.

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How to get column data types in oracle?

  • For a table in oracle, I can query "all_tab_columns" and get table column information, like the data type, precision, whether or not the column is nullable. In SQL Developer or TOAD, you can click on a view in the GUI and it will spit out a list of the columns that the view returns and the same set of data (data type, precision, nullable, etc).

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How to increase data type size in oracle?

  • -> Click Tools, select Preferences. ->Type "Font" in the search box on the top corner of the left side ->Select size in "Font Size" field on right hand side to increase or decrease font size.

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How to insert data in oracle with java?

  • Today, I worked on a performance issue at my customer. The context is a Java app which did a processing and at the end of this processing, the application inserts tons of data on an Oracle database. The customers was complaining about slow performance on the insertion phase and asked me to have a look on it.

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How to retrieve data from oracle using jsp?

  • After create a table in the ORACLE database you need to insert record or data on it.If you want to know how to insert data in jsp please visit the link : Insert data in JSP. The SELECT statement is used to retrieve data from one or more tables: The SQL query for retrieve specific column.

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What are oracle data mapping and model software?

Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler software which increases productivity and simplifies numerous data modeling tasks. Features: You can create, edit, relational, multi-dimensional, and data type models.

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