How to get rid of youtube dislike bots?

Lamont Mohr asked a question: How to get rid of youtube dislike bots?
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💻 Do bots dislike youtube videos?

Yes they can. Just look at the number of dislikes on this video. The video was about how buying views isn't good thing. I also did a video about buying views and found out it was so easy to start a dislike campaign on someone.

💻 Dislike bots on youtube videos - how pathetic?

I have an idiot from Bangladesh running a dislike bot on my channel, karmas a bitch and im sure his life will keep being pathetic and miserable, but until then I was wondering what I can do about it because I think youtube looks at this matrics especially when you launch a video, and it ruins my traffic. Proof -

💻 Are there bots that dislike every youtube video?

Other than that - there isn’t a popular video on YouTube without any dislikes. It happens simply because when people press the thumbs up or htumbs down button, it has nothing to do with the video itself.

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HOW TO GET RID OF DISLIKE BOTS! If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid ...

Yes I was trying to protect my YouTube channel page there were some bots and that's why having troubleshoot dashboard and likes and dislike people can't believe it been working on then 🙏😖 Google user

The Youtube algorithm takes the number of dislikes as a strong ranking signal in what to recommend people. It also uses this signal in the Youtube search results. By launching a dislike bot attack, you can cause the video to disappear from people's recommended feed and also from the Youtube search results! 100 dislikes could probably do the trick.


If you are ready to buy YouTube dislikes, follow these instructions: To the given box, enter the video link that you want to add dislikes. Enter how many dislikes you want to buy (e.g., 10000 dislikes) to the next box. Check the cost and click on "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" to go to the payment screen.

So I started my channel around 10 days ago, and my videos have got amazing support on them, averaging about 100 views and 20 likes on each, with about 1-3 dislikes. Then, I uploaded today's video, and it was getting really good views and likes, and then it suddenly went up to 15 dislikes within...

Youtube remove 47 dislikes in the first hour, then 1 after 2 hours.. then 1 after 8 hours, then completely removed all (109 + 109) dislikes after 12 hours.. Hope they realize it's pointless and don't re-do such thing 1 level 1

Its not easy king88, Even though u get the bot for free, u need to spend some money to work that bot and to make ur likes and dislikes to be look like genuine one. Mar 4, 2013 #4

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Has youtube removed the dislike button?

YouTube is testing a removal of the dislike button YouTube took to Twitter on Tuesday (March 30th) to announce that they are trialling a removal of the dislike button on videos. “In response to...

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Is youtube removing the 'dislike' button?

Although the experiment will involve removing dislike counts from public view, YouTube has said that none of its changes in design will involve removing the …

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What does dislike mean on youtube?

dislikes on youtube comments mean youtube comments

User Engagement

A dislike or a like is the same thing on YouTube. It is “User Engagement”. The same goes for negative comments. If people are engaging with your videos, good or bad, it is beneficial for your channel.

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What happens when dislike youtube comment?

can you dislike comments on youtube dislikes on youtube comments

When you press the dislike button on a comment it doesn't reduce the number of likes the comment has, similar to the Reddit upvote system and I've never seen a comment with dislikes on it, and if it doesn't do anything then why doesn't youtube just remove it? Thanks. It does nothing. There is no code behind it.

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Why can't you dislike youtube comments?

20 million likes most liked comment on youtube tiktok vs youtube fight

If you feel that a comment is inappropriate, you can flag it. Short answer, there is no need for thumbs down other than channel metrics. It's commendable of YouTube to not display dislikes, we have enough deliberate nastiness of opinion. It causes hurt among people, it should be abolished on every media platform.

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Why does nobody dislike comments youtube?

youtube channel

It affects the way top comments are displayed. The top comments are the ones with the best like/dislike ratio. That’s why some comments with more likes are further down than others, because it’s been disliked more.

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Why doesnt youtube count dislike comments?

youtube channel

I believe the real reason why it doesn't work is YouTube is about money. Like or dislike something, what is needed is eyeballs. Since more people like to watch things they hate. This means people will keep coming back to the site, people will keep watching, and more ads will come across the videos. 1. Share. Report Save. level 1 · 4y. Lol i was about to post this. It's been like this since google+, you cannot dislike comments anymore and the button is just a placebo. 1. Share. Report Save ...

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Are dislikes on youtube bots?

Are these real dislikes? Yes. Every person who clicks "Dislike" on the video URL you provide will be an actual person, not a bot / fake user.

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Are some youtube subscripers bots?

youtube channel youtube comment bots 2020

Sub bots—or subscriber bots—have become known for generating artificial subscribers, views, and likes for growing YouTube accounts. However, these sub bots can often damage a YouTube channel and can even become a dangerous weapon.

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Can bots make youtube videos?

No Bots, 100% Real Views. All views are 100% real. No fake bots. We use YouTube’s official video advertising channels to promote your YouTube channel to the right viewers and increase the probability of making your YouTube video viral.

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Do youtube view bots work?

logan youtube bot youtube bot logo

Do YouTube view bots really work? The quick answer is Yes. But they come at a price. Starting out as a YouTuber, you may be struggling to get any views even if your content is great.

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How to download bots youtube?

SPAMBOT | Spam Bot + Download - YouTube. SPAMBOT | Spam Bot + Download. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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What discord bots supports youtube?

youtube channel discord youtube logo

Green-bot is a Free Multipurpose bot for Giveaways, Invites, Moderation, Music, Levels, Tickets, Server Stats, YouTube, antiraid, etc. Get YouTube upload notifications from unlimited channels! The best music bot for Discord. Supports YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, Twitch, Vimeo, Stream link etc.

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Can i dislike a whole youtube channel?

Why isn’t there a way to show a form of ID to verify myself as the owner so I can delete old channels that I made? I really do believe it’s about time this problem gets a solution because I very much dislike this whole “No email and password? Welp, sorry, can’t help ya” thing that’s going on. And I’m sure many others agree with me.

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Can you dislike a comment on youtube?

most liked comment on youtube positive good comments for youtube videos

The dislike button on a comment is designed to assist YouTube in identifying viewer sentiment and increase engagement on a particular video. Engagement is the key to YouTube and what viewers opine is essential to YouTube forms an important part of YouTube’s suggested videos algorithm. It is however just one part of the larger picture.

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How to dislike bot a youtube video?

I will provide the link that can make it easy to download the Youtube dislike bot software. Youtube dislike bot script . I will provide you complete you dislike mass script that helps you to dislike all the videos on youtube except yours. Here there below Youtube dislike bot script and it will use only in chrome and firefox browser.

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What does dislike mean on youtube live?

Do you know dislikes are good for your youtube video. If video is liked or disliked by anyone that means you watched video carefully which let you rate the video. If you get 100 likes and 90 dislikes youtube would show it more in recommended videos. So there are 2 sides of everything . Take a chill and enjoy dislikes.

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Why can't you dislike youtube comments re?

youtube videos positive good comments for youtube videos

If you feel that a comment is inappropriate, you can flag it. Short answer, there is no need for thumbs down other than channel metrics. YouTube doesn't care about if a comment is popular because of likes or dislikes, they just want the most popular comments (for good or bad reasons).

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Why do some people dislike youtube videos?

like to dislike ratio youtube most liked video on youtube

For starters, there's always a reason for people disliking videos, but that reasoning isn't always obvious, especially for those who don't operate channels themselves. one of the reasons people often dislike videos is because they're trolling and just want to make the creator in question look bad.

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Why do you dislike youtube videos reddit?

Search all of Reddit. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 0. Why do you dislike YouTube Videos? Close. 0. Posted by u/[deleted] 10 months ago. Archived. Why do you dislike YouTube Videos? 11 comments. share. save. hide. report.

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Why does youtube have a dislike button?

It's a fairly straightforward answer. People who enjoy the video leave a like, people who do not will leave a dislike. This creates a like/dislike ratio to gauge the popularity of the video, as well as create (mainly reinforce) individual user met...

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Why does youtube hide like, dislike votes?

video youtube youtube channel

Why YouTube Is Hiding the Dislike Count

YouTube says the change is inspired "in response to creator feedback around well-being and targeted dislike campaigns" and will slowly roll out to users on the website. From the screenshot YouTube posted, it appears that the user can still see and click the dislike button.

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