Can parents see what you watch on youtube full?

Meda Zieme asked a question: Can parents see what you watch on youtube full?
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💻 Can parents see what you watch on youtube?

Can parents see YouTube history? Yes. Parents with a child's Google account credentials can review watch and search history along with likes, comments, and subscriptions.

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💻 Citv my parents are aliens youtube full?

Mel returns home to find her family frozen.

💻 Can my parents see what i watch on youtube?

When you view the report from within the parental control app, you can see the titles of the videos that have been viewed. However, if you login to the website, you can click on the title and the video will open for you to view it. YouTube really can be such a wealth of knowledge and information.

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Allow your kids to watch YouTube Kids or YouTube only in an open area of your home—like the living room or kitchen—where you can see what they’re watching. Using a trustworthy parental control, you can now filter out the worst of YouTube making your children’s browsing experience safer.

Parents have a love-hate relationship with YouTube. YouTube is a fantastic learning tool. Whether you’re looking up how to tie a Windsor knot, how to remove ants, or how to make the perfect souffle, you can find a video for just about anything you’re seeking to learn. One mom, Charlotte says, “I Love YouTube!

If you're concerned about the content your kid is watching on YouTube -- and you've tried talking to them -- you can check their Watch History. If your kid has a YouTube account (which only requires a Gmail address), their YouTube page will display recently watched videos, recommended videos based on Watch History, and suggestions for channels similar to the ones they've watched.

YUNGBLUD - Parents (Official Music Video) - YouTube. YUNGBLUD - Parents (Official Music Video) Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try ...

You can see what your teens are watching, and they might learn a thing or two about you. Take your teens on a stroll through your own TV-watching childhood by compiling a playlist of clips from your favorite shows. Make watching YouTube a game : Guess what kinds of videos are popular in a particular place and then use Advanced Search to see ...

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